Monday, November 17, 2014

The Biggs Miracle Orchard


photo 5-4

CHICO, CA - Biggs is one of our many miracle orchards. First planted in 2008, we were somewhat flabbergasted by the success of this orchard. Since our last orchard care visit in 2011, we returned this Fall to find the drip-irrigation system in disarray. But these trees were determined. They managed to root down into groundwater during the drought and are thriving. On this visit we add 8 new fruit trees to the 16 we planted on past visits. Nothing smacks a big old smile on our faces more than watching kids fill boxes and boxes of pomegranates, pears, apples and persimmons from their superabundant school orchard.

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Sacramento school orchards are thriving



SACRAMENTO, CA We are super happy to report that school orchards at CCAA Elementary and High School, Orangevale, Skycrest and Serna Village in Sacramento are all thriving. These schools represent orchards comprised of over 200 fruit trees, and our return visits this Fall were focused mostly on pruning back these super abundant trees to get them ready for next season. CCAA is another great example of total campus transformation. Where there was once just a patch of grass, there is now a food forest complete with a canopy that creates a living classroom on campus.