Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amway's Nutrilite - This company does it all

Never in the history of Fruit Tree Tour has Common Vision experienced such a thorough collaboration as we have with Amway's Nutrilite and the One by One Campaign. At every step of the way, from contacting schools, organizing program logistics, providing additional trees, and offering long-term orchard care the staff of this amazing company has shown impeccable dedication to their local community. It is through the One by One Campaign that Nutrilite and Amway sponsor and get involve in community events. Since 2003, One By One Campaign has impacted 6 million children through employees and distributors contributing 1 million employee volunteer hours and donating more than $70 million.

Nutrilite, a global company with local roots organized and sponsored 3 schools in Southern California this year. Riverside County’s Nuview Elementary School & Nuview Bridge Early College High School, and Buena Park’s Beatty Elementary School have three new orchards for a collective 70 fruit trees.

Experienced farmers from Nutrilite will work directly with parents and teachers to manage their new orchards, mulch and install drip irrigation. The diverse new orchards at these schools are destined for lots of yummy fruit for years to come. Thank you Nutrilte! If you can't view the below show, click here.

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