Thursday, October 1, 2009

Permaculture Design Intensive with Darren Doherty

Permaculture Design Intensive with Darren Doherty

October 2-4 ~ Castro Valley, CA 

Common Vision is hosting Darren Doherty in from Australia to teach an upper division 3-day intensive at the M.A. Center.  One of the world's foremost permaculture designers, Darren has created sustainable, regenerative designs for over 1200 farms and properties across 4 continents.  He will teach how to:
      ~ Hydrate hillsides
          ~ Grow multi-use forests
               ~ Direct rainwater through orchards and pastures
                    ~ Design and install  Keyline Design Systems
                        ~  Sequester millions of tons of carbon in soil

Darren Doherty (Australia) is hands-down one of the the world's master of large-acre permaculture design.  Darren has worked for the last 20 years to transform farms, ranches, and open space into abundant timber, food, and beauty producing ecosystems.  His work is testament to the truth in the permaculture principle: "Yield is only limited by the imagination of the designer."  Darren has co-taught with Bill Mollison & David Holmgren (the co-originators of Permaculture) and with Pro "Earth Surgeon" Geoff Lawton. 

The 3-Day Intensive:

Darren's work has had a tremendous impact on not just reducing but actually reversing carbon footprints for farms and ranches!  Over the course of 3-days Darren will bring participants through a step-by-step analysis and design process focused on:

  • Food forestry meets market orchard
  • Laying out hillside orchards using keyline design and ploughing
  • Discussing real-time on-site Permaculture consultancy strategies
  • Lush, tree-lined pasture systems for free ranged livestock
  • Connecting creeks, gullies, and rainwater catchment across the landscape
  • Designing low-tech water systems for broad acreage 

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