Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"High School Mentors" Program Models

Many high schools have done the Fruit Tree Tour program 'out-of-the-box'. Even the Green Theater performacnce, which is geared towards younger audiences, has been a great success with a range of high schools. That said, the high school programs that stand out in 7 years of the tour have added a dynamic mentorship piece that Common Vision is interesting in proliferating.

Here's how it works.

1. Common Vision educators train the high school students in the art and science of tree planting and the related social, environmental, and biological talking points.

2. High students (paired with a Common Vision educator) lead tree plantings either with another local school or with a surrounding neighborhood community.

Jefferson High in South Los Angeles ~ Neighborhood Planting

In this episode of Fruit Tree TV, Common Vision volunteers take to the streets to assist Jefferson High students in meeting their neighbors and planting trees in their neighborhood. Common Vision works with Jefferson High's Green Design Academy in South Los Angeles in a unique community outreach tree planting project.

Environmental Charter High ~ Planting with local Elementary

In this episode, Common Vision works with the Environmental Charter High School Students Council. In the morning the Fruit Tree Tour crew trains the high schoolers in tree planting and the art of leading a 'tree group.' In the afternoon, Common Vision and the High school leaders walked together to neighboring elementary school where the high school youth took engaged 100 4th graders in planting an orchard on their campus.

This was one of the most inspiring days in Fruit Tree Tour History.

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