Thursday, September 20, 2012

On the Road Again

Hey Folks,

As 14 volunteers head out in the veggie oil powered fleet to plant 11 new school orchard in 12 days I wanted to share with you one of the under-explained reasons why we work the way we do. After spending the last 3 days training the new volunteers, on my way back to office I stopped for a moment to read the back of the bus.

"Working together we can make the future better"

This longtime saying at Common Vision has become somewhat of a mantra for the organization. From our beginnings as a small group of friends with a big vision we've always strived to model how people working together can change their community and the greater world.  While training the crew this week, I stopped in the middle of curriculum components like 'fruit tree biology' and 'how local foods impact carbon footprint' to remind the crew that really the most important lesson they could impart on our students is that by learning to cooperate towards a common goal of positive change individuals and communities have been able to make incredible changes to the world. That, in summary, "Working together we can make the future better."

-Leo Buc

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