Tuesday, February 26, 2013

EPIC Urban Farm and Orchard in Long Beach

Spring Street Farm Stand

We are honored and humbled at the opportunity to collaborate with the Long Beach Community Action Project at their cosmic-class Spring Street Farm, an urban, organic teaching farm and farm stand. The farm "mitigates blight and boasts row farming; demonstration plots; a farm stand for produce sales; a chicken yard; and a rain garden.” 

Located in a neighborhood next to an oil field, this place is pumping out fresh fruit and veggies like it’s everybody’s business. And it is. Spring Street Farm Stand serves the local community by providing a place to procure fresh, local, organic produce. Better still, they accept food stamps and hire local youth. BOOM! 

Ready to really rock your reality? Spring Street Farm, a tiny 1.5 acre agricultural oasis in the middle of industrial Long Beach, also has its own families of ducks, geese and chicken that help keep the scourge of suburbia from encroaching on the farm, lawn grass.

It gets better. Long Beach Community Action Partnership distributes an astonishing amount of food grown at the farm to the community through awesome neighborhood networks. If you ever find yourself in Long Beach, stop by and prepare to be inspired. And how is the 40-tree orchard Common Vision planted at Spring Street Farm on Fruit Tree Tour in 2011? According to Michael Flynn it’s “super thriving!”

We recommend checking out their blog,
The Farm Desk, or following Spring Street Farm Project on Facebook.

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