Thursday, February 28, 2013

It just keeps getting better!


It just keeps getting better! Just when we think that Fruit Tree Tour can’t possibly blow us away again, it does! From our amazing new crew to generous corporate sponsors to maturing collaborations with community organizations like Planting Justice and Spring Street Farm, Common Vision is collectively pinching ourselves at how much good news we have to share.

When we first started planting school orchards we were pretty much in the bare-root business. We planted new school orchards as fast as our bio-powered fleet could get us to the next stop, and put on one BIG show in the process...big enough that Common Visionary Zak Human and the Woven Media crew won an Emmy Award for their PBS special about Fruit Tree Tour titled Plant the Vision.

Now, as we return to orchards planted on past tours, we are beyond blown away to see the profound positive change the presence a thriving schoolyard orchard is having on students, teachers, administrators and the surrounding community. There’s way more to share than we can pack into one email, but below are a few wordy highlights from the past week that we hope give you just a teeny tiny sense of what a massive blessing and privilege it is to be a part of Fruit Tree Tour.

So, thank you all again and again for your support. Scroll down, relax, and enjoy catching up on some really good stuff happening out there in the world, that YOU are helping make happen!

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