Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1st grade teacher turns orchard caretaker at Will Rogers Elementary


Will Rogers Elementary was the first school where we introduced mulch mania and installed drip irrigation. The payoff has been a bumper crop of peaches, figs and persimmons. Big juicy props go out to first grade teacher Kris Guzman for volunteering to be the school’s primary orchard caretaker. Thanks to some seriously skillful pruning by Kris, these trees have the strong structure they need to produce tons and tons of fruit for years and years to come. This year marked our third visit here!

When we first visted
Will Rogers Elementary in 2011, they had just seven fruit trees. We made it full-scale school orchard by planting 18 more.   They now have a producing cheriymoya, one of Common Vision’s official favorite varieties. Cherimoya trees love Southern California’s coastal climate from San Diego to Santa Barbara, prime planting territory for Fruit Tree Tour. According to Michael Flynn, it is "a super delicious fruit with sweet undertones of bubble gum.” Besides citrus, it is one of the only fruits in season during Spring tour, another reason we love it!

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