Friday, March 1, 2013

Optimum Bubble Speed discovered in LA


Common Vision is almost as well known for our all-organic, solar-powered, bio-fueled fleet as we are for our school orchards. As we’ve toured the state over the past ten years we’ve been called “a bus full of hope” and “a bliss bubble leaving orchards in its wake.” This year, we’re now known in LA for actual bubbles blowing behind the bus.

On Saturday, January 23, when we pulled onto the parking lot also known to Los Angelenos as Interstate 5, well, we got a bit bored. And what better way to pass the time with a busload of tree-planting do-gooders than to have a bubble-blowing contest. How is this at all relevant you ask? Well, we learned two interesting lessons.

First, optimal bubble speed (OBS) is between 8 and 13 miles per hour, depending on humidity, where the bubble wand needs only to be held out the window to rain bubbles on the freeway. Second, we were reminded how amazingly hyperconnected humanity is, even when just sitting in traffic. Someone else inching along with us on Interstate 5 saw our web address on the bus, and sent a real-time message thanking us for the bubbles and the smiles!

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