Sunday, March 3, 2013

Healthy Food Map features Common Vision orchards in South LA

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It was a perfect storm of sustainability on the day that the Common Vision caravan visited Normandie Avenue Elementary. That same day, our perennial partner, Community Services Unlimited (CSU), launched their new Healthy Food Map heralding the end of South LA’s status as a food desert.
To get the word out about the launch of CSU'S Healthy Food Map, 50 local cyclists pedaled their way to stops on the map, including our thriving 50-tree orchard at Normandie Avenue Elementary. The combo of 50 energized cyclists, 50 thriving fruit trees and a busload of Common Visionaires was 100% EPIC, and a sign of good things to come!
The Healthy Food Map shows residents of South LA where local, fresh, organic food is now available nearby–everywhere from urban farm stands to school orchards like the one Common Vision and CSU planted at Normandie Avenue Elementary way back in 2005.
It was also amazing to work side-by-side again with master gardener Ned Boyer who has been helping take care of the Normandie Avenue Elementary orchard since it was first planted back in 2005. The school created a living classroom by installing a perfect circle of permanent benches in their thriving school orchard.  When asked how the trees are doing, Leo Buc exclaimed, “Their apples are cranking!”

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