Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jackhammering drought-baked schoolyard soils



- Our visit to Learning Without Limits was another extended jackhammer morning since we didn’t have an opportunity to pre-drip the site and soften up the soil the day before. At sunrise the morning of the planting, it took an advance team of five Common Vision groundbreakers using jackhammers, picks, and shovels to get the ground ready to receive a new 12-tree school orchard.

Then it was an all-hands-on-campus planting! It took 16 Common Vision crew members and 135 students 12 hours to dig the holes, plant the trees, suppress the weeds, much the orchard, install the irrigation and pound in orchard signs handmade by students that day. Whew!!!

Learning Without Limits offers another great model for teacher engagement. Instead of having just one garden/orchard coordinator, seven different teachers at Learning Without Limits take on garden and orchard care responsibilities together, creating a true spirit of collaboration and cooperation on campus!

After the first two days of jackhammering our brains out on drought baked soils, our advance team started pre-installing temporary drip irrigation systems AT EACH SCHOOL to give the soil  a deep soak before planting days, about 20 gallons of water per tree hole.

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